The 1st six months...

Wanting to share with you pieces of my first 6 months in the travel world. My training has brought me to Milwaukee in September for a day to meet with reps and meet other agents.  In November I  traveled to Florida for 10 day.  Hung out in the Orlando area and made our way to to Fort Lauderdale to "Cruise World" conventions. Learned about many cruise lines and met many of the CEO's of these companies. Had a chance to tour a couple ships in Miami.  My brain was swimming...there was a  wealth of information at the 9 hour meetings we attended, also overwhelming for a new comer in this business. In January I took a family vacation with a group of friends.  My traveling had now changed since being an agent.  Instead of having a care free time is now taking a couple of sight inspections and handling my clients needs that have not traveled, that want to travel or that client that text you at 4 AM and is in Milwaukee (their flight leaves in few hours) and has the flu 😢,  and can't travel to their destination. But this is what we do because we love our job.

We stayed at Sunscape Akumal Beach Resort.  This resort has been rebranded by the AMResorts, it is getting a facelift and have added so much for kids !!!   I took a sight inspection of this resort with a rep.  Now,  I have a one on one contact with this resort.  I can call for my clients it anything arises.  Having this contact is very important.  Sunscape is a family resort (we did not have kids along and still had a great time) there is so much for the kids to . If the adults want a little down time, The resort offers a kids club. They will keep your child entertained for hours.  

I also did a sight inspection at the Secrets Akumal Resort. Again I have a personal contact with this resort.  I can contact this rep at any time, if I have questions for my upcoming clients that will be vacationing with them.  If my client would have a problem while on vacation, they can contact me and I have a go-to person to help fix their needs.  This resort is Adult only.  It has the most beautiful grounds and beach.  The resort is very eye appealing and a very comfortable feel.  Four of my clients just come back from here and I have 2 more going in June.

This past week I returned from a long weekend trip to the Colorado area.  Again while there my mind was focused on clients (would they like to visit this area). Stayed in a town called Red Cliff (amazing, small, and beautiful).  Two of the days  touring the Ski areas of Vail and Breckenridge. This helped me out so much.  Granted I don't know this area to a T..but I had hours in both areas learning as much as I could about it.  From lodging, skiing/snowboarding, parking, dining, car rentals and some of the general area.

Next week I will be off to Anaheim to tour Disneyland (my first time) I know Disney World like the back of my hand and have been going there since 1972.  Again, at Disneyland my mind will be taking in every aspect of areas such as the park, ticketing, hotel, transfers, dining and so much more.

- Julie Roberts