Joining our team!


Michelle and I both worked for larger agencies and quickly realized that was not the best fit for us.  We decided it was time to join forces and work together!  That is how MEP Vacations got started.


Work from anywhere

The coolest thing about being a travel agent for us is that you can work from anywhere. So whether you're chilling at home, hanging out in a café, or even lounging on a beach, you can still do your job. It's all about flexibility and making work fit into your life, not the other way around. 

Be your own boss

As your own boss, you can create a schedule that works best for you and enjoy the independence of running your own company. Join us and experience the satisfaction of being in control of your own destiny in the exciting world of travel.


Make memories for your clients

It's like being the architect of unforgettable adventures! Seeing the smiles on your clients' faces and knowing you played a role in making their trips amazing is just awesome.

No schooling required

No formal schooling is needed, but you'll need to take part in supplier trainings. Investing in yourself is key – your success depends on how much you invest in your own growth and knowledge.


Low start-up costs

Our minimal annual fee keeps you connected to all the tools you need for success as a travel agent with us. This includes your personalized travel email, access to our handy back office tools, credentials, and membership to our network of travel professionals. It's an investment in your continued growth and success in the travel industry!

Familiarization trip

A familiarization trip, or "fam trip," is a special opportunity for travel agents to experience destinations, accommodations, and activities firsthand. It's organized by tourism businesses to showcase their offerings to agents. Agents visit various places, sample local attractions, and meet with industry representatives. These trips help agents gain firsthand knowledge to better advise their clients on travel options.




Some destinations we have visited as agents.

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